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Over the years i have been working as a Draftman with several companies. I have really been motivated lately to take my drafting career to the next  level this has been my push a source of strength and motivation and has lead me to complete several drafting Jobs.


And i am motivated to do more.

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Our Procedures

The popular saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, since we plan to exceed our expectations, we detailed the plan here for you to see so that we don’t fail by any means.

Project Objective

This is the stage where the drafting Objectives are being outlined to help in actualization of the client’s needs.

Concept Sketch

After Objectives are obtained, a conceptual sketch is carried out to meet with the objectives obtained.

Conceptual Stage of project

Conceptual stage of project involves putting together all the concepts to bring the drafting to completion.

Project Review

At this point the project is reviewed to take care of all needed corrections and adjustment is made where necessary. 

Project Actualization

Drafting Project are Actualized when the meet the Client’s requirements and meet all the standards of international drafting.

Design Review

At this point, The draft is reviewed by other Draftsman to make necessary. Afterwards the project is Concluded. 

Happy Stories

Working with you was one of the greatest achievement ever. Your Draft works are simple and great.

Evelyn Jimenez


I love the way  you make drafting look easy and self explanatory. Great Job. 

Debra Peters


After calling for consultation. You did a great job on making the Drafting fast and timely. Great Job There.

Mark Martinez


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