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Artful Living creates accent decor that doubles as custom art pieces destined to increase in value. Our limited edition decor designs include wall fixtures, accent walls, room dividers, outdoor furniture and more.



Accent Walls

An accent wall offers several benefits for your home and its value. First, it allows you to incorporate your personal style and preferences into the design. You have countless options to choose the perfect accent for your tastes, whether that be a rich color, textured wallpaper or unique wall finish. This customized touch shows potential buyers that you took the time to create a space that reflects you.



Each design piece undergoes a meticulous process from concept to creation. We document this journey, from initial sketches to the finished product, capturing the inspiration and craftsmanship behind every release. Like limited edition sneakers, we announce release dates in advance to build excitement for our drops.


Patio Furntiure

Unmatched Style: Let's face it, off-the-rack patio furniture has its limitations in terms of style. With custom designs, you have complete freedom to choose the materials, colors, dimensions, and esthetics that match your personal taste and the overall look of your home.

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